StudioTheta Architects is a multi-disciplinary collective of creatives minds working together with the sole purpose of providing a holistic design approach. With our combination of design excellence, the use of cutting edge technology and presentation techniques, we provide the most comprehensive and client friendly experience. 

We view architecture as an integration of architecture, interior and landscape design. Understanding of what is architecture goes beyond a simple and comprehensive answer. It is the discipline of wrapping space, time and light in a shell that is defined by it's topology, materialism and aesthetics. Architecture is a process rather than a final product. A process that takes into consideration many variables, only to conclude at the singularity of human experience. 

StudioTheta Architects provides architectural and interior design services to the clients that view architecture as an integral part of their daily lives. Our goal is to provide a balance between design aesthetics, functionality and above all, achieving these by being within the client budget requirements. We like and encourage our clients to be part of the creative team and invite them regularly throughout the various stages of our design process to provides us their feedback and valued input. To facilitate your involvement throughout the design process we provide a comprehensive presentation of the design intent through different tools, such as photo-realistic representation, walk-through videos as well as Virtual Reality animations.


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